it is where I belong


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it is where I belong

I, almost certainly say Pati is my wonder place,
where I could rest all my anxiety and stress

but Jayapura is always there,
where I store those happiest childhood memories ever

then, Yogyakarta will always be my favorite,
no matter how far I’ve gone it always be home

still, Bogor is where I’ve rooted for so long,
where I found friendships, love and all what could come along

and then again, now Jakarta is where I stand,
with its numerous chances, it gives me spaces
to aspire, to dream,
and to be dare facing what life could bring


14/06/2016 two more days to be exact 27. Haa. Tell me more!


selamat datang bulan juni!


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Selamat Datang Bulan Juni 4

ketika Juni datang dan tiba-tiba saya merasa bahagia


assalamu alaikum wr wb.

Sudah tiba lagi di bulan Juni. 2016 cepat sekali hampir terlewati.

Tahun ini berdasarkan laporan BMKG juga merupakan tahun La Nina, dimana kemungkinan akan ada banyak hujan disepanjang tahun mendekati akhir. Artinya Juni akan banyak hujannya pula. :D

Ini random post aja sih. Hahahaha.. Anyway, selamat preparasi menjelang Ramadhan, semoga di Ramadhan kali ini kamu, saya bisa berlatih menjadi muslim yang lebih baik ya. Banyakin istigfar dan berdoa. *hah, pesan buat diri sendiri.

wassalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

with lots of love,

Teori Kesepadanan Vol 2.


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Teori Kesepadanan Vol 2.

an honest talk about differences. and what it can tag along.

after all this time

Well, so many theories developed around couple pairing or soul mates that meant to be together. Even I have created my own: Teori Kesepadanan. That post alone is not sufficient till I make the volume 2 of this post, since you know what I am facing now is completely new. I used to be attracted to people with at least one of these qualities in them, similar educational or professional background, artsy soul, leadership nature or something I can fancy at—basically fan-girling at.

The common believes are mostly divided into two sides; (1) Soul mates are essentially different individuals so they can complement each other flaws; then (2) Soul mates shall have lots of similarity so they could go along well together. And it comes to my theory which stands in between. Soul mates are basically have at least one common match: they have the same future potential and capacity to move forward despite of their differences: life, nature, characteristics, personal, background and anything you can relate. Continue reading

Perfect and Imperfections


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Life is not as perfect and beautiful as your mind could imagine and maybe your life is just much-much better than what people’s living out there—or maybe not that far, your closest one.

I am in the middle of huge contemplation. Since you know, I am in the midway of decision making process for a very important phase of my life. Yet the facts and circumstances that encountered my direction just slapped me casually right in the face. Continue reading

Mood Swing


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This post was initiated when I read one of my colleague post on the “it” drama that just ended beautifully. Yes, it is the Descendants of the Sun.

It was about the finale—which had the most epic scene so far. The scene was when Capt. Yoo Shi Jin came back from his death and found dr. Kang in the middle of some countries desert. In her confusion and relieve realizing that Capt. Yoo Shi Jin was not dead, dr. Kang just abruptly went into his hug—typical Korean Drama Scene. But the afterwards were the most amusing things dr. Kang did. Her mood swing. This video below will tell you all. Continue reading

Traveling Talk: Keterkaitan Akar Rumput


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Sekitar akhir November tahun kemarin dalam rangkaian kunjungan saya ke Sanya, China, Saya sempat mengunjungi sebuah area konservasi budaya suku pribumi di Pulau Hainan. Nama area konservasinya adalah Li and Miao Minority People Village. Jelas lah ya dari judul tempatnya. Hahahaha…

Area konservasi ini, selain melestarikan Suku-Suku pribumi Pulau Hainan yang sebenarnya terdiri dari beberapa suku, namun yang utama adalah orang-orang Li dan Miao—juga merupakan atraksi wisata. Pengunjung disuguhi beragam sajian, mulai dari museum-museum yang berisikan aneka rupa keragaman budaya, praktik keseharian orang-orang Li dan Miao yang berbeda jauh dari kebiasaan orang-orang Tiongkok daratan, suguhan drama dan tari-tarian, hewan hingga budaya debus yang ternyata ada.

Pertunjukan Musikal tari dan drama yang menggambarkan kehidupan mereka sehari-hari

Pertunjukan Musikal tari dan drama yang menggambarkan kehidupan mereka sehari-hari

atraksi debus ala-ala orang Hainan

atraksi debus ala-ala orang Hainan

Continue reading

apa benar tidak ada waktu untuk menulis?


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My IG post on my first day of work

Apa benar tidak ada waktu untuk menulis?

Tetiba pertanyaan ini muncul di benak ketika melihat tab blog yang terbuka pada aplikasi browsing favorit—yang selalu muncul otomatis saat saya membuka aplikasi tersebut. Kemudian dari sisi lain benak saya, ada suara yang menampik, “ah nggak juga kok!”

Hanya saja rasa-rasanya musykil Continue reading

past is in the past


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past is in the past,
No place for past in the future—just refer them as that—darn!—lessons.

With a mixed feeling I tried to write this. What feelings? First it has been months for me not to write post. Last post was on October. Hahahaha… Lots of things happened in between. Second, relief. After three years of wondering. Third, hurt. It is hurt for being betrayed, what ever the matter.

The end of 2015 was really a mix. Continue reading

my life is a beauty


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my life is a beauty cover

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Ide tulisan ini tetiba mencuat pada pagi hari ketika saya memulai menyalakan laptop dan layar monitor untuk memulai hari. Dan selanjutnya saya menyadari—setelah melihat postingan seorang teman blogger—bahwa hari ini 27 Oktober 2015, sekali lagi kita merayakan Hari Blogger Nasional. Terbersitlah keinginan untuk membuat sebuah postingan khusus. Seiring berjalannya hari ditengah-tengah melakukan pekerjaan kantor ide dan kerangka bermunculan meminta untuk dicatat.

Adalah my current jam. Single debut Taeyon yang berjudul I, dimana salah satu sajaknya berbunyi: my life is a beauty. Dalam lagu ini Taeyon semacam curcol. She’s so happy with her life now. She was pitied, but she’s strong enough to proof herself as a tough beautiful young women conquering the world *ceilah bahasa gw. Continue reading

when someone stands exactly in your shoes


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Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

Hello readers! How are you? Hoping you are in great condition.

I want to update my latest news and write to you, since it’s been almost a month without new post. hehehe… My general—and the same old lame reason is I was so busy lately. Lots of work to handle, lots of overnight dues, mission to another part of Indonesia and more of drama. Yet all the things happened are just revolving around works related stuffs, no personal affair attached. LOL!

The previous statement is just exclaiming how desperate I am for a turn point in my personal life. However I am too lazy to start. Even just to start liking someone. Anyone. New.

Another BIG LOL! Continue reading