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Subhanallah, satu dekade sudah berlalu. Sedih sih sebenarnya, benar-benar cepat sekali berlalu 10 tahun itu. Banyak yang terjadi, banyak yang hilang, banyak pula yang didapatkan. Tahun 2011, adalah awal mula ketika saya membuat Blog ini. Artinya, blog inipun telah berumur hampir satu dekade. Dan blog ini benar-benar menjadi catatan sepuluh tahun terakhir hidup saya dalam 228 post.

Oh iya, this song below is my current jam. Really hooked by this new bop song of Red Velvet, Psycho. You can read the entire review while listen to it.


My third year of undergraduate study. Went to Bandung a lot. IYKWIM, one of the most colourful phase of my life.


Creating this blog, under the impression that I should finished my undergrad final thesis soon. Continuing my last year of Undergrad Programme, did the final exam, graduated from Applied Meteorology, IPB on September 2011. And I really was sadly and happily riding an emotional roller coaster ride. Well, I am kinda regretting some of my past actions done during this period.


I had my graduation ceremony on 29 February 2012—pretty date and pretty late due to the huge amount of graduating students at that time. This year I was also awarded with a scholarship for double degree master programme in UGM and UTwente in Disaster Management, and moving to Yogyakarta to start a new student life.


I had the courses in ITC Faculty, UTwente on Applied Earth Science in Enschede within the end of winter and spring season. Broken-heartedly, this was my first time abroad and did unforgettable first Europe Trip. I also started my research for Master Thesis in the end of this year and did some fieldworks and stuffs.


Finished my thesis, defended it and graduated on 1st May 2014. The graduation ceremony was held in August that year. Then, I got my dream-dream-dream job—since I was a child, within the UN Family. I started as technical assistant for Water Science in October 2014. This year was also something. Due to the pre-employment medical check up, I found out that I have some health—quite serious—problem. Well, I am taking care of it. Jaga makan dan lain sebagainya. Hahahaha…


Adjusting with working life, starting to do my own activities, report and projects. Went to Sumatera—finally—and had a trip to China for work. Really such a busy year, working hard and play hard as well, kesana, kemari*grin.


Starting to have prominent function in office, meeting someone that I did not know would be such a thorn and distress. I thought my life was nearly perfect. In the beginning of that year I told my dad, If I was not gonna married that year I would had a doctoral programme the next year, but then I met him and the rest was history.


I carried my first-born and resigned from my post in May that year to have more stable marriage life. I always thought that I would have a son and it was true. Giving birth in the same month of my own birthday, only a week apart.

And the biggest storm in my life started just right the next month and everything stumbled, was like being hit by a tremendous flash flood. I still can see and feel every pain, every tears, and every blood during that bloody battle. And I closed that year nearly crazy—literally, I gave up on everything to hold on my self.

I need my self back so I let everything go.

Since July of this year I also went on hiatus from blogging for about a full year. It was such a really hard time for me, even just to write something.


This year was the turning point of my life. I realized that I couldn’t be in that state forever. It was the time when my dad was hospitalized twice from heart attack that awakened me.

I started re-building my life again, posted something here too, telling stories. I started from zero. I witnessed my son grew up. I healed my wound but the scars and pains remain there.

I had my second Euro trip that year. A really meaningful and healing trip.


I re-joined as UN family once again. They welcomed me gladly with open arms. Really busy year, back and forth from Jakarta to Pati at least once a month excluding some work-related trips. I tried many new things, did many new works, met new people, was challenged by lot of new experiences.

I learned so many things through this year.

I learned so many things through this decade.

I pray for the best in 2020!