I just rewatched some 2018 show with IU as guest and one of the section is her singing My Old Story.

She has lot of good song, good sad song to be precise and to be honest I love this remake song even before I fell in love with Ending Scene, Through the Night or Dear Name.

My friend and I used to fangirling IU and we used to listen her songs together remotely via YouTube—including this song. Nowdays I often listen to her songs due to their relevance.

However the after effect is instant. It reminds me to everything that happened,

about love, hatred, the open wound and every single sad and hurtful things that come along the way…

And then I opened my WordPress app with definite plan to start writing a melancholy post and before that really happened, I accidentally—or actually not—read Mbak Meutia Halida’s new post.

Mak jleb, serasa diingatkan kembali, diikat dan dijejakkan kepada bumi.

I should set my self free…

And when I knew IU will have concert in Jakarta this December, it feels like, I need to come and experience her singing live. I am still considering to go or not to go…