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Suddenly I want to write about this, it is because my impulsive comment to my friend’s Instagram post about autumn. And then I made it into story, and I feel the urge to write it down on a blog post.

Frankly speaking my favorite season is autumn. I know tropic doesn’t have autumn but we sometimes have short fall periode when many of our big trees lose their leaves during our dry season .

Traveling back in time when I was living in Bogor around ten years ago, there were sometimes when the brown and yellow leaves were falling down to the ground after blast of winds and the young me was happily standing under those beautiful scenes just like in the mellow dramatic movies.

That’s how I truly love this season. Yet because of this and that, my real autumn memories nowdays are clouded by some bitter feelings.

And the first thing crossed my mind upon thought of “autumn” is sad love.

Sometimes, I just want to be genuinely happy again seeing those yellow leaves falling close to my feet.