What is left for somebody like me?

After all that battle? When pride was stepped and crushed into almost nothing?

What left is only my damn arrogance.

My “I am fine” wall is built from nothing else but arrogance.

These days I travel to many places like crazy, I meet deadline like it is nothing, and I face drama after drama after drama.

It is extremely tiring, exhausting and totally draining my emotions, patience.

But what would I be if I didn’t give my best?

I have to give my best. I can’t give up. It is not only about today or tomorrow, it is about years from now, it is about future in dunya and akhirah.

It is about the Faith!

I write this post to remind me how far I have been walking, how Alloh will never fail to amaze me in the perfect timing.

What I have to do is keep walking patiently.

On my way to Solo, 8:38 pm