I know I will sound cheesy, or clingy or anything possibly cross your mind if you know me well. I tend to have unchanged preference in music. It means after all these years, I undoubted still listen to the same songs over and over again. Even though there will be new list added.

Nah, the problem lies with the fact that, every song originally came from one exact period of my life. When I fell in love with the beat, the lyrics and so on, my life at that time represented beautifully by the song. That is—up to today—the main reason why I love a particular song.

Yet my favoritism was not stopping there when those life segments over. I still love the song although it is not really correlated to anything in particular now. For instance like Halo by Beyoncé or Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess, every time I hear those songs now, still give me chill. Like something sliding across my backbone or little butterflies tingling my tummy.

I first hear Halo on 2009. One of my friend introduced me to this beautiful piece and I fell in love instantly. Easily guessed, at that time one of my life segment was really into the song. I honestly thought, my life was the song all about. #lol.

Then again in 2013, with different page of life event, I was on my Europe phase of life when Just Give Me a Reason released. And almost every day I listened to this song in NL MTV morning segment. It was a part of my devastated break up moment. The denial phase of we are not broken just bent and we can learn to love again.

And what now? Recently in my random time, I listen again to these songs. I know it is a different era now. It feels like, when I treasure these kind of feelings I will seem like I don’t have decent amount of respect to my current beautiful life. However it is not true. I entirely understand. It is like, cherishing the pasts, embracing the presents.

These songs are still part of me. Part of my life’s journey. These songs once made me, me. And they still do, apparently.