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*I planned to post this exactly on October 1st however with everything that were going on, I just forgot to do so, -wide grin-*

Alloh swt is the very Best Planner, ever!

I started the year of 2016 without thinking even a slightest—possibility of marriage. My marriage. It was like a very remote chance. Until one bright and busy day in the middle of April.

Middle April: one of my girlfriend, let say long lost friend from college texted. She wanted to introduce me to her friend.

That weekend, still in the middle of April: I met “the friend”. And we just hang out. Apparently got along well. Very well.

The next week: He (kind of) proposed—or maybe it was not even a proposal. #lol

Early May: He met my parents. They extremely excited. Indeed. Gosh what was I thinking back then?

End of June: I met his mother. I was thrilled. And anxious at the same time.

End of July: his mother made a trip to my home and made an official request to my parents—of me marrying his son.

Early of August: my parents visited his family in Bogor—anw, our first real fight happened around that corner.

During September: the busy days and everything were bustling inside my head: works, works, works, wedding preparations, visa drama *ah!

October the first: here we are! the journey begin!


with every love in the air this afternoon 24/10/2016,
him and atviana, gyeongbokgung palace early of Oct.16