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Teori Kesepadanan Vol 2.

an honest talk about differences. and what it can tag along.

after all this time

Well, so many theories developed around couple pairing or soul mates that meant to be together. Even I have created my own: Teori Kesepadanan. That post alone is not sufficient till I make the volume 2 of this post, since you know what I am facing now is completely new. I used to be attracted to people with at least one of these qualities in them, similar educational or professional background, artsy soul, leadership nature or something I can fancy at—basically fan-girling at.

The common believes are mostly divided into two sides; (1) Soul mates are essentially different individuals so they can complement each other flaws; then (2) Soul mates shall have lots of similarity so they could go along well together. And it comes to my theory which stands in between. Soul mates are basically have at least one common match: they have the same future potential and capacity to move forward despite of their differences: life, nature, characteristics, personal, background and anything you can relate.

He come from finance background which I am not and so bad at, he plays sports for leisure which I am an art person and hate sweating, he rarely travels contrary I enjoy travels a lot, he is a last son within a big family when I am a first daughter of four-members-type-of-family. Naturally we are different. No, we are indeed different. With these huge differences I try to make an also huge decision by choosing him. Yet my second thought, he probably—yes he is—has the latest stated quality: leadership and things I don’t have which are I will unsurprisingly fall for. It is not that he is perfect. Far far from that, he definitely bears many flaws. However the way I see his imperfections is completely in different way than before how I see anybody else’s.

Honorably mentioned, he is the sweetest and the most unselfish person I have encountered with and literally offers me a once in lifetime chance: to honestly be loved. *hahahahaha. :p

Probably it sounds entirely cheesy, but it is kind of true. We met in the time I didn’t think about any kind of romantic relationship. It is not that I give up or something, I just consider that it is highly not possible for me to meet someone significant in a very close moment, realizing that I am such a jerk and playboy magnet. #lol I admit that. I was so into my work, and it was the time I have several work deadlines in mind. I also could say 2015 and 2016 are my career years. I start building my networks and getting used to several types of working atmosphere, living entirely new life phase in Jakarta and so on. So it is an enormous step, a milestone.

This ship is still at its initial stage of development but it is the furthest step I have ever achieved. With clear goals in mind, I, since the very beginning—and I think he also think the same—don’t want for another playmate. I have done enough fooling around and when the right chance comes I must take it more seriously. I know it is still nothing but the intentions are sincere. Hope it is on the right track and right speed. Hahaha.

According to what I declared on my theory, regardless of our differences yet it might—I just can say “it might” for now, since I am not sure either with the answer #lol—because of the similar potential between us to progress up, in any part of life. Since being together is not only about now, it is about the afterlife goals.

Only Alloh swt knows the best and I pray for the right directions. He will direct the hearts right. Aaamiin…

with lots of love,


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