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photo credit: favim.com

Life is not as perfect and beautiful as your mind could imagine and maybe your life is just much-much better than what people’s living out there—or maybe not that far, your closest one.

I am in the middle of huge contemplation. Since you know, I am in the midway of decision making process for a very important phase of my life. Yet the facts and circumstances that encountered my direction just slapped me casually right in the face.

It is all about my nearly perfect life—without major hardships, which I usually use it as standard to judge other people life which is totally not fair. I, once again face a reality where I have to adjust my perspective on life. My frame in picturing a “standard” life is just too—damn—narrow that could contain only my point of view. With my shallow experience on something called struggling, I tend to believe what I have been through was the most difficult things and I could complain. What such a spoiled-grown-up I am, if I may recall.

Then, where is my gratitude for such a beautiful life, smooth path and easy tracks?

Another hard part of this process is shifting my life paradigm: My acceptance of imperfections. That considering the question, “Who—bloody hell—is perfect, anyway?” All ordinary mankind is flawed, including my own self. That is an inevitable fact.

Yet my brain and heart apparently need some kind of adjustments, somehow. I pray for Alloh’s guidance, barokah and hidayah for this.


This is one of my imperfections I try to fix.