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Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

Hello readers! How are you? Hoping you are in great condition.

I want to update my latest news and write to you, since it’s been almost a month without new post. hehehe… My general—and the same old lame reason is I was so busy lately. Lots of work to handle, lots of overnight dues, mission to another part of Indonesia and more of drama. Yet all the things happened are just revolving around works related stuffs, no personal affair attached. LOL!

The previous statement is just exclaiming how desperate I am for a turn point in my personal life. However I am too lazy to start. Even just to start liking someone. Anyone. New.

Another BIG LOL!

Okay, I don’t need to tell you about my overwhelming duties, the highlight is I successfully assisted a book production. Yeaay! It is really my first. And my first mission last week also marked another milestone I made: My first time visiting SUMATERA Island. Aah… FINALLY! The next island to be visited is Kalimantan.

Melintasi Jakarta

Melintasi Jakarta

I hope soon I can visit all the main islands in Indonesia: Papua (nearly 16 years living at this island), Java (10 years now), Sulawesi (several times of transit are counted, ain’t it? :p), Bali-Lombok (traveled five years ago), Maluku Archipelagos (several times of transit are also counted), Sumatera (just achieved). And I hope also I can travel more to another part of the world. Free. *smirk

I plan a two-weeks visit to somewhere in the north next November so I hope the preparation goes smooth and well. I will post it on another post once it’s ready.

During my Mission to Medan last week, I met my long-lost friend which I haven’t met in three years. My undergraduate-thesis partner in crime. You can say, we passed through the highs and lows together. All the smiles, laughs, tears and fears together. So our catch up last week just reminded me about each of our thesis-adventures.

with our dear professor

with our dear professor

She practically helped me to organize my office meetings in Medan where the smokes start to break in the city, following the other parts of Sumatera, which is sad and not healthy indeed. We shared and updated our life stories these past three years including any love affairs—which was none could be discussed except all about the past!—hahahaha…

I really could say, we are completely alike. Not in the term of physical appearance but for our personal life and stories. We’ve been through the similar experiences and meeting her such a source of happiness for me.

Well, knowing that there is one of my close friend exactly stands in my shoes and shares my experience is very heartfelt. Since you could never judge a person fairly without ever knowing their point of view.

Another self-thought: from now on, I restrict myself to judge people only by my short experiences. Without knowing their point of view. Otherwise I could not ever be understood by others unless I do the same.

the partner

the partner

Happy Monday! Wish your week full of adventures!


Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.