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Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

Hello readers? How are you?
*dengan nada bicaranya Sherlock Holmes versi Benedict Cumberbatch

Anyway last weekend I had a weekend gateway on The Thousand Islands, quite close and actually those islands are still in the administrative region of Jakarta.

It started by the plan made months ago to go to somewhere near, by couple of my bachelor colleagues. Then we actually realized the plan last weekend by going to Harapan Island, The Thousand Islands, Jakarta. That was my first time visiting that widely know tourism attractions, infamous with snorkeling and diving spots, white-sand beaches and beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Morning walk

Compare to other exotic small islands in Indonesia like Derawan, Lombok, Bangka-Belitung, Weh—you name it—The Thousand Islands probably are not the best. Yet the location made everything just perfect for a weekend gateway. It is just only 3 hours away by boat from Muara Angke harbor.

Kolase Grup1

Kolase Grup2

Well, I have to highlight that last weekend was a full moon so the tide was quite high, could make us sick the whole journey. To the island and back. Despite of the seasick the journey was worth significantly. Hahahaha…

Bersama Karang

You know I love beaches so it was very lovely to have many beaches in one full package. It also marked my first trial on snorkeling, which is very tremendous in regards the fact that I can’t swim.

Kolase Underwater1 Kolase Underwater2

I won’t give the detail of itinerary or something that you could easily get somewhere from the internet but I will recommend the Open Trip facilitator: Bima Tour and Travel. Relatively cheaper with very good service, nice homestay and very friendly tour guides but somehow they bit lacked in time management.


I personally think I will plan many more of weekend gateways, since you know it is very crucial to get out from Jakarta sometimes. Hahahaha…

See you till next traveling post.

Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.


photo credit goes to:
Cover: Syamsu dj,
Kolase underwater 1-2: Syamsu dj, Tri Handayani, Nurya Utami, Azim Kholis,
Kolase Grup 1-2: Nurya Utami, Azim Kholis, Tri Handayani
Bersama Karang: Firdani Asri,
Mine: Morning Walk, Karang.