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lots of light

lots of light

Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

Hello every one. Hows your life going?

Honestly I feel like my life is so flat recently. No challenge, lack of motivation. Probably it is just a temporary effect. In contrast sometimes in some parts of days in the whole month I am in the middle of any kind of deadlines. Yes. My working assignments are mostly writing paper, reading paper and anything related in between. Currently I am collecting data and information about Medan City Water management. We plan to make proposal on water related studies. And I am working on the preliminary studies on water balance in Deli River Basin. Sounds complicated? Not at all at this point.

Why do I bother to post something today? Because—yeay—it is June. IT IS ALREADY—freakin—JUNE!!! Can you believe it? It seemed like yesterday. I received UNESCO love call, moved to Jakarta and entered the year of 2015. Lot of things happened. Lot of lessons learnt. Anyhow it is not just another June.

Why do I feel like my life is a boring cycle? I completely have no idea at all. I just feel like I do regular daily basis which is like I am 2-3 years late. Going to work. Getting busy. When my friends are planning to get married or have kids or in general upgrading their precious life.



I know it is completely me who overly look down upon my own life. Comparing to others with no visible end. Ironic in the same time also pathetic. I cannot do that to myself. No worth of my time and worries at all. But contrary I cannot hear that. Simply do not want to understand.

Yes, I know the exact answer. I think I have been hindering myself from Alloh this recent time. I have been too busy about dunya. It is time for me to step back, picturing my whole life and the essential of life. Try to find my own self. Try to seek for forgiveness from Alloh SWT. I couldn’t let my 26 years of life just slips in the middle of nothing and nowhere right?

It completely sounds like a contemplation. Yes. I use this blog to contemplate, and forgive me to make you read this piece of—if I may say, once again, contemplation. :D

May Alloh’s blessings be upon us.



Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.