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from: ipunya.com

from: ipunya.com

Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb, reader sekalian!!!

I have been thinking about this thing for sometimes and this morning one of my friend’s status update just gave me idea to write a post. Commonly for Indonesian, they always write down their all academic titles—from undergraduate till master degree probably—on wedding invitation cards. For what reason, anyway?

You will marry the person not the titles. Seriously!!!

At the end this practice will lead to riyya and the conceited manner will arise from this kind of matter. One of my friends jokingly replied me, don’t stop with the titles. Write down all the student numbers, major and university; use degree certificates as engagement token; while use thesis copies for wedding gifts. And I laughed hard for that. Lu kira ini cv?!

There is a notion stated that it is for appreciating parents as major supporter during study period but I think it is not the point. The point for most people out there is the pride and status and the prestige. See, the difference between appreciation and pride is very indistinct.

Oh come on!!!!

It is relatively true that your education background will define your jobs, partners even life. Not apply generally for all people in the world tho.

I am not married yet, so I don’t know the hectic and wild world of preparing a wedding especially with Indonesian style and cultures that families/relatives will interfere as much as possible in every single kind of matter. So don’t bash me for my mindless—but not so groundless—talk. Probably I will change my perspective once I experience them all. But won’t for those above reasons definitely.


Walaikum salam wr. wb.

See you till next post.