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Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle. courtesy of favim.com

I have a very dear best friend who has a tremendous-amazing skill to be hooked by some richi-rich, handsome, gorgeous kind of guys. Have you ever fantasized and swoon over Cinderella story or some chaebol-ordinary people couple as in k-drama land? Yes, it was totally like that.

chaebol-poor couple

chaebol-poor couple. courtesy of SBS 

It was all about her last boyfriend where she seems has not moved forward from—as she should be—or I should be on my own case or whatever.

As her best friend sometimes I doubted it. I never talked to her boyfriend—at that time—face to face. Just chatting with them online, despite we live close by. I just saw their picture together. Even sometimes I randomly think it was photosoped or something. But the picture is real or was, so they were.

The story was very beautiful when she was with him. Someone that she never expected before, despite her amazing skills to get great boyfriends—I mean seriously great boyfriends. But the differences are hardly to be ignored.

Age, social status, family background.

They managed to be together for likely two years. I don’t know how serious he was, yet my friend was and is—still—serious about him.

He was kind of type who found my friend amusing with all her charms. Things he hardly found in her normal life. He jumped in jet plane to catch her. He bought her many expensive presents for many occasions. He sent her body guard. He did almost everything as far as I know.

In my point of view at that time, he was a psycho, too protective over my friend. And now I see the reason. He saw her like his amusing-hardly-tobe-found-toy. He just wanted to keep her for him only. There was a time that he prohibited her to see me.

Time flies, he probably got bored and practiced come and go and hard to get approach on her. At the end she asked for break up or forced him to break up.

In fact, honestly I really want them to get along together. Get married and get happily ever after. Just like other girls in this whole worlds. I am kinda dreaming that Cinderella story could be happening in the real life. I do sometimes forget that I have ever written something I called Teori Kesepadanan and I should just get real. And so she shall. After their bloody break up they didn’t contact each other for months or probably years and you guess what.

Early of this week in midnight, she texted me, bunch of texts while I was sleeping. She told me that he got married on early January this year with pretty, richi-rich, awesome girl in a fairy-tale themed wedding party in one of glamorous hotel in Jakarta. My heart broke. Me, the one who just watch them got an incredible shocks.

Don’t ask about my friend. She… let’s say she accepted it well and move on.

But the point is, just get real. He took his time playing with my friend and get bored. Realizing that their life is billions feet apart, polarized like North and South Pole that never meant to be together and at the end married another fancy girl just like him that came from the same league.

What is left for girls like us? A consciousness.

Maybe that Cinderella-like-story likely exists one in a million. Yet they also face many things we can’t imagine. Just get real! Hooked yourself up with the same league men. Something you could handle because probably those perfect guys could not handle a life with a person like you inside.


ps: I really would like to insert their picture or his wedding pictorials or something but that are their privacy once again.