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Assalamu ‘alaikum wr wb.

Holla readers, how are you? I miss you as much as I miss writing and posting something here. Life still flies incridibly fast and everything changes periodically. I got this post idea this morning and fortunately have some time to write. It is just about what things exactly I do here and so on. I have to be honest with you I am still looking for myself here. What is my role anyway? Wkwkwk…


Since I am not really doing administrative jobs, I provide research part in some projects but I didn’t do something visible until recently. We are preparing some big (water) events this early year and My Boss included me into the team (finally at least I am usable). The most interesting part is the privilege to know these great people outside my tiny world. All from co-workers, bosses to partners. All are just about water and new know-hows. Sure every day for me is learning new things. Learning from mistakes (I do regularly, still) and from other’s experiences.

I know it is not something permanent and I cannot depend myself on it, yet it is a very very good chance to me. To open any further water door I want.

I remember some of my undergrad and grad professors’s saying:

“Always get out from your comfort zone!”

“Don’t stop learning. Go study! Enrolling in any possible course or level you can apply in any interesting part of the world.”

“If you are doing what you love for the sake of lots of people, money and fame will come after you. It is just about time.

I am planning to do well here for couple of years and move to another life phase!

Well, I am young, idealist, determinant, persistent yet full of flaws. Never stop learning, it’s a must to be humble. Dream big, plan big and open the future doors. Keep istiqamah because all we do are only as good deeds to serve Alloh SWT. May Alloh SWT always shows the right path. Aaamiin.

See you till next post dear amigos!





for my classmates: could you identify which saying is whose? They are famous anyway.
photo background courtesy: Favim.com