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Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

Hello readers!

Forgive me for a very long delay when it is already January. 2015. Ha…
These recent months I am just adapting to new office atmosphere, new works so it is a bit difficult to me to post more regularly. Probably they sound as excuses, they are true though. I definitely try my best to adapt this whole new life and adjust my side job into my routine. Yeah, I grabbed the chance to make my dream comes true. I dream to have a clothing line and this side job is the beginning of that big dream. I started up a online fashion retail specified in Moslem Wears: The Faith.

Our Logo

Our Logo

Well, I could say it was almost impossible decision in the first time for me starting a business since I don’t really into management that well until I met a business partner for that. Kak Riyan. She really has good managerial skill. She technically run her family companies and She has her own small business beside her jobs as accountant, but you guess what? She is an engineer. She graduated from Food Science and Technology Major and hold master diploma. Cool isn’t it?

You know very well that I like to shop for others and it is just a perfect combination. So curating the whole pieces sold in my new online store is when I start this business. On our launch date February 1, 2015 We will release Mukenas on various series on Our Instagram Catalog. Various models, fabrics, colors and patterns. Nevertheless, one that I could guarantee, they would be cute, pretty, high quality and last but not least affordable. Yeay!!

Wish us a very good luck, and May Alloh bless and gives barokah in our new store. Go follow, our instagram, our twitter, and like our Facebook page to get 10% discount all item during February.

ready to launch it to the world!

ready to launch it to the world!

See you on next post with update of THE FAITH ID.

Wassalamu ‘alaikum.



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