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Assalamu alaikum readers,

Is anyone here addicted to Instagram like me?

Oh well, I made the account just couple months ago and now I am into it. Deliberately and desperately need to upgrade the camera so I could produce some better images to be bragged about, hahahaha… Sorry my bad.

Not that as main purpose, of course *wink *evil smirk. I am really enjoying taking pictures and taking good pictures surely gives me huge happiness. Lately I posted some pictures called by Branch series. Only three pictures so far, but all are about branches.

Branches 1

Branches 1

Branches 2

Branches 2

Those pictures have been in my directory for ages and I just have the courage to post it this time. Actually it is not completely about the courage, but more about the perfect media to make them viral. I know I am such (still) a bébé in this hot and popular areaa completely amateurbut what a lot better in this whole world is but learning, anyway. I am learning, you are learning, yes, we all are learning.

Branches 3

Branches 3 That I’ve just posted this morning

By the way, it is not a-really-significant-thing to be shared, but I am really looking forward into it. Couple of best friends and I are planning to travel next year. This is something definitely I can count on when the works are getting ridiculously busy in the future, or when I tremendously getting tired I will turn to this plan and get some mood booster from it. Perfect! So let’s plan it neatly.

Till the next post.