Well, I think it’s so stressing hence I write something here. I didn’t write since months ago, even on my birthday, no. But today? Why? Because my head is so full…

People said I’m complicated yet easy to read, well it’s true. It is very true. I don’t really know how to deliver this or another way to lighten my heart instead of talking rubbish here (yeah there is a way! I just need to take a wudhu, and pray. I know.)

I know (another I know moment), it’s kinda a package. One thing that I should accept completely. With all that risks. And try to manage it (by not talking rubbish here). But the fact, it is not that easy. It hurts and I’m still that vulnerable.

However it sounds, it still doesn’t matter at all. Anyway, yeah just anyway…
–you are not mine, anyway!–