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Assalamu ‘alaykum wr.wb
Hello readers, suddenly I remember about one of Greys Anatomy episode, which those doctors are setting new borders of personal satisfaction as result of great achievements instead of doing some routine surgeries. They apparently have made new standard. Even in my case, I think right now I have different level of satisfaction. Thus, different standard should be created.

Setting new standard in my vision doesn’t merely mean change the objectives, but how to make the journey more memorable. Yet sometimes higher goals is actually needed when you change your level of satisfaction. That’s what I’m gonna do.

In couple of weeks, my master program will be completed, and I should make plan for my next 2 years ahead. Finishing school is one thing, but entering a real world is another. Honestly I don’t have any experience about it and I’m obviously worry. Well, like those standards that settled, and dreams that dreamt, I just have to work harder, pray, and play. And make this turns to be something priceless: experience.

See you till the next post.