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Assalamu alaykum readers, how’s your day? Mine practically spent at the field, I hope my research will go somewhere thou. c:

Last night, my friend just tweeted something interesting and inspired me to write this post. Well, I’m kinda easily getting teary eyes on sad movies. Either the movie is real sad or just little bit touching, I won’t make the movie’s director upset by not weeping in the middle of good scenes. I always do at least once and it seldom happens –I mean the only one time of crying aloneke ke ke ke. At this post I will make a list of ten movies that successfully makes me crying a river.

The list is not in any ranking order, I just put them randomly.

1.       The Perks of Being Wallflower

I love a story with twists on its plots. And, I also can accept a sad ending if that sad ending is more make sense than a forced-happily-ever-after which is likely very far from reality.  The Perks of Being Wallflower, for me provides them all, twists, strong characters, nice plots, good ending and don’t forget great actors. Moreover, I always enjoy story about friendships and family. Watching those kinds of movie is just like feeding my soul. c:

The graduation day...

The graduation day…

2.       My Life without me

This one is Canadian movie, I watched once at a local tv channel back then when I was in high school. Maybe, other people will say this movie has very common mellow drama plot, but I think it so impressed me –deep down into my heart. Highly recommended. If you want to cry this night, just watch it alone. See the synopsis here.

The Movie's poster

The Movie’s poster


3.       Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Nothing more I could say for this one. It has all it needs for me to classify it as a (very) good movie. I stacked up a bunch of well-used-tissues while watching this. I love Thomas Horn‘s acting. Oskar Schell just tore me apart.

Still: Oskar Schell

Still: Oskar Schell


4.       Finding Neverland

I am a fan of Freddy Highmore and Finding Neverland, IMO is his best work in his pre-teen period. He could throw a very good acting, and the chemistry between him and Johnny Deep was just so epic. I really cried a lot when Peter Davies threw his tantrum and cried to Sir James. Well, I just can be so hyperbolic, but believe me by watching this movie you can find Freddy’s-best-crying-acting-ever.

Still of Freddy Highmore and Johnny Deep that widely used by Indonesian for make fun memes. yeah, I'm sure you know that. Kekekeke...

Still of Freddy Highmore and Johnny Deep that widely used by Indonesian for make fun memes. yeah, I’m sure you know that. Kekekeke…

5.       A Moment to Remember

I believe I have watched so many Korean Movies but this one was the one that successfully made me crying during the last 20 minutes (I really cried for that 20 minutes long, more or less).

Starred by Son Ye Jin and

Starred by Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo Sung


6.       Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 2

I know, maybe you think it sucks. How come I cried on this kind of movie, but it’s true. I shed my tears –at theatre, with so many people there– in the scene when Harry realizes that he is one of the horcrux –after saw Severus memories— and he hugs Hermione and Ron who wait for him in the stairs and lately come to his sense to understand that Harry is one of the Horcruxes —wich Hermione has come to this conclusion far before that moment. It was so breath-taking moment for me. This scene was not the part of the book but I think it was very natural and very make sense. They are best friends after all.

They cry together

7.       My Sister’s Keeper

I really cried a lot at my first time watching this movie, but I tell you the novel made me crying even harder since its ending is pretty different with what happen on the movie. After this movie I become a fan of Abigail Bresslin. She’s just cute and amazing.

my sister's keeper

my sister’s keeper

8.       Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actress. Even though imbd gave low rank, this movie successfully got many awards. Kym’s character (Played by Anne) is—in my own opinion—humane. She is a convict who got a permission to present at her sister wedding. I don’t know, I like her character since I can understand her feelings for being misunderstood by anyone in her family, even her sister Rachel. Well, her past is just a mess and no one seems want to give courage or try to understand her with all of her missteps.

Kym and Rachel

Kym and Rachel


9.       The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Friendship over any matter is the main theme (again) of this story with Holocaust background. The angst ending just practically made me crying alongside with the scrolling credit. See the synopsis here.

Sad friendship, The Movie's poster

Sad friendship, The Movie’s poster

10. Well, when I made this list, unfortunately I couldn’t found my 10th. I am still thinking about it in fact. Later I’ll let you know if I find one that makes me crying a lot—indeed.


So, what your ten lists? Please share.