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Annyong readers, Assalamu ‘alaykum…

Well, I took random pictures (again) tonight of a dreamcatcher I bought yesterday. I treated my self with a present, since The Heirs, the drama that I have been watching for several weeks come to an end. Dreamcatcher played significant part so, I think it represents the drama well.



Keh, I’m not that type who believes about any kind of magic-stuffs. I bought it just because it’s pretty, fluffy and looks good hanging on my window pane. So, why not?

After this one, I am waiting for several dramas that seem promising such Prime Minister and I (Yoona’s after the last one that I didn’t like), Miss Korea (Lee Yon Hee’s, I’ve never watched her dramas before except Gu’s Family Book, which is exceptional since she only had a minor part) and Love from The Stars (Another Kim Soo Hyun’s, he absolutely looks awesome).

Haven’t I told you that I am a K-drama-lover? if not, my bad. I tell you now, so you might be prepared! ke ke ke…

See you for another drama talks! (perhaps, if I have times to write those kind of posts). Wassalamu alaykum.