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Stupid Me

Assalamu alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh…

Hello guys, how’s your weekend? Mine? totally awesome. Sunday is Cleaning Day you know, so it was tiring! Officially this is my Mum’s house but recently it is under my care so I’m the one who should do all the households. Ffiuuh…

Last Saturday was my first day of research trip in Patiayam Mountain’s feet, Tegalrejo Village, Kudus Regency. I need to take some soil samples and do cross check of land covers. Anyway, this was my first time doing my own field check by my own self. I used to go with friends previously so there were many helps. I unintentionally forgot to print some important maps for this trip. You know, when an Explorer forget about her maps, she will get into trouble (see, that’s why Dora never forget her maps!). For the first 30-40 minutes, we (my cousin and I) tried to find the exact location of the main channel of Logung River. Well, fortunately that area is quite busy. There were many schools, government offices and markets so we could ask several locals to confirm our location.

Move to my next stupidity. Guess what, I am for a long time widely known as a—behind the table—girl, so generally I just know about the theory (only!). I know what kind of slopes that are defined as steep, undulating, flat, very steep and so on but I absolutely have no idea, how steep very steep is. What a crucial problem!. I don’t have any hiking experiences or camping or anything like that, and what I found at the field yesterday was a shock. It were hills and mountains and plantations and bush and wild plants and I should hike. So my back is still hurt right now and tomorrow I should do another hiking!

Well, another interesting part beside of my foolishness, I found many things I’ve been missing for a thousand years (for being a behind-the-table-girl). Many nice views, many pretty things (and aches, still!). I’ve been dreaming for a long long time to find a wide green grass land with pink-wild-grass. And yesterday finally I found it. c: Pretty in Pink.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Pink 3

I just LOVE to capture this kind of picture, when the time come wanna upgrade the skills and gears c:

Pink 2

The one that already uploaded at my facebook page! c:

Mining Site

Mining Site

So I think, that was an unexpected experience and I learned so much from it. I should prepare more for tomorrow and I hope I will get another amazing experience c:

The Explorer

The Explorer, not Dora, please…

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