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When this single first came out in 2011, I thought that it would be a perfect brokenhearted song. At that time –I don’t know— I have already felt that my relationship was not that strong. There was a slight-tiny-very little thought that I would lost it away, I would lost my love. Yeah no doubt, in every beginning there just will be an ending. Only Alloh swt is, who doesn’t have it all: beginning and ending.

And now, I’m listening to this song all over again —long enough after my crazy-crush period of this song. Well, songs have magical power just like rain for me. It can remind me of person I miss the most at that time. It can stimulate me to think and remember about the upmost memory in my head rank at that time. Yeah, unless I have something important to do like jobs or deadline of assignment or a sleeping time, when the day starts raining I will feel so blue, believe me. It’s also the reason why I write a lot about rain. Back to this song, The One That Got Away is absolutely not a slow song, it’s a mid-tempo ballad song even though it’s about first love lost.

Talk about our future, like we had a clue
Never plan that one day I’d be losing you

I know at that time, you cannot say that I was young. Quite young okay, but old enough. I was not a teenager back then, but it was my first in fact. We really did talk about future and we had no clue. It’s pretty cute actually, how we talked about the future. c:

It’s time to face the music, I’m no longer your muse

Yeah, I’ve already faced the music –in my case: the life— since months ago. I had more than three months in Europe as my farewell trip, I ate many chocolates and ice creams for that, I cried a lot before and after the break up, I have this unbelievable-lot-of-problems-thesis for me to think about and family issues to take in care. Okay I already have enough things to keep my head busy but it doesn’t mean that my heart will run like how exactly my head runs. Despite of all the matters, I should face the fact that I’m no longer your muse.

And in another life I would be your girl
We keep all our promises, be us against the world
And in another life, I would make you stay
So I don’t have to say you were the one that got away
The one that got away

what’s on those films? memories, I think..
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