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Yuhuuu.. this week I have been craving on nail art and nail polishes. I found a set of pretty nail polish this early week and it is really amazing. A set of three bottles nail polish, from Etude House. Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #1 Screwdriver Orange. The orange gradation is so vibrant and pretty. I bought this set couple days ago from an Online Shop, they have several Etude’s products and their services are pretty awesome :D

the screwdrivers

There are three different color in a set, Base: Soft Orange, Middle: Sweet Orange, Top: Fresh Orange. The first layer was a nude orange, the middle layer has orange sparkle with nearly clear polish and the top layer was just the highlight. With deep reddish orange and fine gold glittering-sparkles. I like this Etude set for its vivid orange color, its tone’s gradation, and its sparkling effect. The final result was just amazing.

Here is my left thumb with final layer of Orange Gradation, pretty huh? >,<

pretty thumb

*easy to apply, the directions are so clear
*long lasting
*vibrant color and pretty

*the last layer (medium and top) wont dry quickly :'(

Beside this #1 Screwdriver Orange, they have 8 other color schemes (note: all glittering and sparkling, So Be Warned!! :3).

#1 Screwdriver Orange.
#2 Kiss of Fire, a sweet Pinkish Scheme;
#3 Love Violet, an awesome-mysterious Purple Scheme;
#4 Mint Frappe, a cool glittering baby Turquoise Scheme;
#5 Princess Merry, a sparkling Gold Scheme;
#6 Angel’s Kiss, a luxury Silver Scheme;
#7 Peach Crush, a soft glittering peach Scheme;
#8 Lime Crush, a fresh Green Scheme and
#9 Kahlua Milk, a warm-delicate-sparkling Brown Scheme.

At the same time, my friend bought the Deep Color Piggy Pink. The Pink tone is just beautiful, Etude always has pretty things :D

piggy pink in screwdriver nails

So, have you ever tried this set? please share, what’s your fav color?