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I thought these dialogues were very breathtaking, and full with unspoken truth of unconditional love. Spoken by Severus Snape to Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows chapter 33. No need of further explanation, you all know the stories well.

“After all this time?”


after all this time

The red-heart-lock was one of thousands lock locked in Hohenzollernbrücke Cologne, Germany. Taken by my photographer fellow, Cahya Gumilar. Well, actually it was my best friend, who told me to put them together, the quotes and the picture and I really loved her brilliant idea.

We (my best friend and I) found the quotes very meaningful, I don’t know, since we share the similar experiences, we stuck on the same dead end, brokenhearted, and all. But the most crucial thing is we keep the same faith, it is not the end. Despite of the bitterness and pains, after all this time, yes always…

yes you, after all this time, always…