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Githoorn: The Venice of Netherlands

Githoorn: The Venice of Netherlands

Full of three months have been passed, back to Indonesia with laughter, sadness, stories, new vision, motivation and spirit. This post is devoted to my last weekend in Europe, time for last travels that I spent in Cologne Germany and Giethoorn Netherlands, but this one is specialized for Giethoorn day, a sunny-bright day in the Venice of Netherlands.

Giethoorn is a conservation area strong bonded by Dutch culture with canals and traditional house, lakes and boats. This town is widely known as the Venice of Netherlands due it’s canals and boat/gondola. Through the long canals, we sailed by the small boat and stops in several long docks. There are many pretty restaurant and shops with colorful spring flowers.

Green Scenery

The feeling was so different, and this travel was one of my favorite.

It was pretty romantic. I loved the green scenery, the canals, the flowers, the old trees, the traditional houses, the islands in the middle of the lake and the sailing experience, which we were sailing our own boat, not me definitely, but all the others tried at least once to drive the boat… yippeey…

wind, boat and sail

wind, boat and sail

It would be a wonderful experience to be in that kind of boat…

log dock

log dock

This one is a part of log dock of the island in the middle of the small lake in Giethoorn, place the canals meet.

daises land

daises land

standing alone...

standing alone…

This tree captured my interest standing in the leaning position to the water…

the traditional house

floating clouds. photo credit: Khairunnisa Adhar

it is beautiful, isn’t it??

See you in my next travelling post…

Anyway happy birthday to me, it’s June and I turned to 24 days ago…