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Finally, the last series of my EU Trip post…

Well, this post escaped me from my assignment, which I should write 500-1000 words of argument, such an introduction/background of my thesis proposal. Bloody confusing, yeah…

After 4 days in Milan and Barcelona, We spent more or less 3 days in Paris, the third city and the highlight of the trip. Since this was my childhood dream to see Eiffel, I was so excited when we landed to Beauvais Airport. Then we took a ride by bus approx. 2 hours to reach Paris City and heading to the hotel in Montmartre really close with Gare Du Nord station.

After two cities with worse scam image and nothing was happened, we loosened our alertness. Voila, Paris was my first time experiencing fraud, we lost more than hundred euros for fake trip tickets… I warn you, really be careful of this…

Front gate of Gare du Nord

Front gate of Gare du Nord

first day: welcomed by blue skies and fluffy clouds

first day: welcomed by blue skies and fluffy clouds

We Arrived at Hotel after taking brunch in big portion, then took a short nap to relieve from shock, bad experience, (you name it) and absolutely tiredness. In the afternoon we start our journey to Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, the highest part of Paris city, then take subway to Arc de Triomphe in Champs Elysées. This one  is also listed in my wishlist: take a picture at Arc de Triomphe. My heart burst with happiness and excitement when one by one of my wish was becoming reality. Alhamdullillah, praise to Alloh SWT.

arc photo collection

arc photo collection

having some fun  ~photo credit: Khairunisa Adhar

having some fun
~photo credit: mbak Nisa

After spend a couple of hours in Arc de Triomphe, we were heading to (finally) Eiffel, yeay… To enjoy and tour the Eiffel there are several spots, and that time we chose Place du Trocadéro one of the best spot to enjoy the Eiffel from distance, and it was jjang… I love that moment. We spent more than 2 hours there, bought souvenirs, saw street attraction: dances and took pictures. I really didn’t wanna go, but the wind like in most place in Europe this time was pretty cold and strong. We decided to go another attraction and come back at 10 to see Eiffel in action when the sparkling light was on. We went to Jardin du Luxembourg then. Unfortunately that time my battery was already dead. I could manage take only one lame picture instead of many cool pictures (beside the weather was not so nice, the skies are grey and cloud everywhere). Then we went back to Eiffel Tower at 10. We missed the sparkling part, since we were still on the metro that time but we got a glimpse of its beauty since the metro was passing by when it started to spark for about couple seconds.

a dream come true

enjoying the beauty

The second day we visited St. Louis Island and Notre Dame, then walked along side of Seine River and enjoyed the art at Musée du Louvre. I am very happy to tell you, that student of EU University under 25 is free to enter most of museum in Europe, including  du Louvre, yippee… My heart burst with happiness for the second time. It is a shame to not make use of my privilege since my time to travel is very limited in Netherlands (Assignment and Class is waiting for me) and the cool Museums mostly are located in Amsterdam.

feeding the birds at St. Luis ~both photo credits: mas nugie

feeding the birds at St. Louis

playing with pigeons

playing with pigeons
~both photo credits: mas nugie

I managed to see Monalisa, Code of Hamurabi and the Inverted Pyramid (things that I only saw at books before). The unfortunate things are, I could not recharge my camera battery and it was so short visit with very-very large number of collections. I could not allocate my time to enjoy all of the collections and  take cool pictures. What a pity… Hikss…

inverted pyramid Musée du Louvre ~photo credit: mbak Nisa

inverted pyramid Musée du Louvre
~photo credit: mbak Nisa

The next day, we were leaving from Paris to Amsterdam via Brussels (Belgium) and could not make another visits. It was really such a beautiful journey and priceless experience. The next time I see Paris, I want to go to Musée d’Orsay to see van Gough, Monet and other Impresionist paintings. I really love the Stary Night by van Gogh but apparently it is the collection of Museum of Art in New York, so I might go there also (InsyaAlloh)…

See you at my another traveling post