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Hello again..

This is the second part of the last Europe trip story, Barcelona.

Departed directly from Milan, we arrived safely to Barcelona International Airport that night at 11 pm and then heading to the hostel, very exhausted. Fortunately the hostel was located at the city center, very close to the Barcelona University and Catalunya Plaza. So right after the shuttle bus dropped us at the Plaza, and quite short walk we found the hostel.


wide pedestrian, greeny sceneries…


This city has everything I love, well, you can name it love at first sight. From wide pedestrians, to standing trees alongside every road, from terrace cafes, to cute fashion outlets. What the pity is, visiting time in Barcelona was the shortest during the trip so I just spent total 24 hours for experiencing this city. Minus the fact that in the afternoon of that day, it was raining, and we were too tired and could not explore more…

Camp Nou, Barcelona FC

Barcelona Store (inside)

Barcelona Store (inside)

It becomes a habitual routine in europe, checking the weather for the days ahead, something that you rarely do in Indonesia. The hostel provided nice internet connection as its service (also hostel in Milan and Paris, but this hostel has the best internet connection from the two others), so we checked the weather prediction regularly. And the prediction said it would be raining, and yes it was raining in the afternoon. Poor us…


rose garden in the park across Sagrada Familia

We started the day with seeing Sagrada Familia, the old church in Barcelona and visiting Nou Camp, Barcelona FC stadium, with its Merchandise Mega Store. In the afternoon, we, the ladies were strolling around the city, visiting stores in Catalunya Plaza.

Well, I cannot tell you more stories or show you more photos, since it was like a flash visit, so fast…  But, overall it was a great experience…