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My sis placard twitter account in the Arc of Peace, Parco Sempione Milan

My sis placard twitter account in the Arc of Peace, Parco Sempione Milan

Yaaak, Alhamdulillah I have arrived back safely to Enschede last week by Bus-Train, from Paris via Brussels and Amsterdam. Well, it’s such one of my best travelling experience, a week full of interesting places, beautiful scenes, yummy cuisines and dramas, yes drama. What kind of story is without a drama… hahahaha…

We’re starting from Milan, Italy. I spent 2 days there and directly fall in love to their mass transportation system, integrated, easy and the cheapest among others. During my stays I tried the all kind including tram, subway/metro, train, cable car, and bus. I can write a single post for the transportation story only.. hehehe..

Well, since it is Europe, this trip mostly contains visiting old buildings, gardens, palaces, and many historical places. In Milan, we were exploring several famous places, such Como Lake, Duomo and it’s piazza, Parco Sempione Garden, Arch of Peace (Napoleon’s Arc for Milano Peace), Sforza Castle and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world’s oldest shopping Mall. In my last day in Milan We tried to find Milano Mosque, but it such a difficult task, We missed it.. hiks.. hiks..

First stop is Como Lake, in Como, 1 hour by train from Milan. Honestly I have been used to see this kind of landscape. In my hometown we have lakes, rivers and beaches, but the atmosphere kinda different. Nice to see…


milan3 milan4



the inside and roof of the Gallery

I have told you that I would go crazy for Italian Cuisines and that was true, no day’s without gelato and pizza. The story continued to Paris, when I found yummy gelato so eating ice cream every where… :D


Our hostel was located in the downtown of Milan, with several residential blocks, not kind of the high-end type, but it’s very accessible by any kind of mass transportation. Well, most of the pictures were taken by me exclude the pictures of me were taken by my photographer fellas. Credit to them… :D

How’s about your experience in Milan? please share…