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Close Up Must see

Well, in my wildest dream I’ve never thought that I would rock three countries in a week, in a single week with one shoot, but yeah, it will happen, InsyaAlloh…

It started when we found cheap one way plane tickets from several cities to others in Europe, and the plan begun to arise… Spain, Italy and France, yeay…

Paris is my priority, when I knew I would go to Europe, I promised my self, I should go to Paris and see Eiffel, and walk in de Champ Elysees, and, and, and… Fortunately (or unfortunately) my friends make it to be true not only for Paris, but also Milan and Barcelona…

Well, I hope I wont get bankrupt after this trip…

Must See

In Paris, mostly I wanna go to cultural places, garden (as usual) and Flea Market. Parisian Flea Market is widely well known but I am not sure we will get the market day since we are planning to spend the week days there (not at weekend).

The one thing I want to do in Italy is tasting their Pizza… I love Italian cuisine, I love pasta, pizza, gelato, sorbet… Maybe it will be quite difficult to find Halal ones, but  if we don’t, we are going to just try them in vegetarian menu… Ha… Gotcha!!

Since most the time I just think about Paris, I have no idea where to visit in Milan or Barcelona. I am going to travel in group, then it wont be matter… haaa…


The things We prepared recently are boarding passes, train tickets to get the Eindhoven Airport in Netherlands, Buses Tickets both in Barcelona and Paris and booked the Hotel. I am very sad to tell you, booking the Hotel in those three cities cost me much more than my plane tickets from Netherlands to Italy to Spain to France and the Bus back to Netherlands which We are know We will spend more time outside instead lying in the room… hahaha… I hope We got appropriate services there…


This Sunflower is made by my best fella, Iyut and it will accompany me for Europe Trip.

Well, before I leave this Saturday, there is something I have to do (beside my laundry) and start to pack (thing I hate very much).

Paris Je taime

I will write to you later from the three cities I hope.