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Random post of images I took at last Easter’s holiday festival where there were carousels, attractions, food bars, trampoline jumping, roller coaster and many more in Volkspark Enschede. Kermis…


Last Tuesday at Queen’s day, I got a very nice bargain, a dress, an sample items of National Outfits, with only 3 euro in white/ivory shade. Actually, I found an interesting piece but a pair of lace pump shoes/peep toe with black lace layer on white silk with cute bow for my mum (the size was match perfectly)  but unfortunately the heels just were too much for her. She wont like it.

Right now I am on my Discharge Modelling Project and I hope it turn well since my last exam result came out not so satisfying. I have no idea what’s wrong with me… hiks…

It seems like I am desperate but I cant wait for my Europe trip next week, insyaAlloh… I’ll post it later for the entire preparations and details…

Ciao and Cheers