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When I was a kid, I wondered about Tulip a lot. How it looks, does it have nice scent, what color does it have and many more. Well, you will find it is quite impossible to grow Tulip in tropic climate without many severe micro-climate adjustments, indeed.

When I grew older, I tried to craft tulips from big-colorful straws. My favorite at that time was yellow tulips, flower of friendship. Once while I usually find some fabricated tulips made from plastics or satin. They are still impressing. Lucky me, when I went to ah Store yesterday, there was tulip sale, with 2 Eur I can get a bucket of 10 tulip buds…

la tullipe

Absolutely, I expected the right things. Tulip stems and leaves nearly look like Lily’s or Amarily’s –not quite same actually but little bit similar. With very soft scent and vibrant color in different types. I put them in tea pot that I stole (ups) from the kitchen. I couldn’t stand with the shape and shade of the teapot. It really suits my tulips… hehehe…

working space

Well, now I am listening to Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto no 1. my favorite violin concerto piece and trying to study, my exam will be on Tuesday, hiks…

I hope you all have fabulous weekend..