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a bite of cuteness

Well, my endless-of-surprise-girl: Nisa, couple days ago found these cute biscuits in the supermarkt (Dutch term for supermarket). You know, it is barely possible to buy cookies, pastries, or any kind of food without checking the super long halal E-list… But, we made it, we found some snacks with halal e ingredients in common local supermarket, yeay… It tastes good, vanilla biscuits with dark chocolate layer. The most appealing feature is the shape. It looks like a chocolate card featuring with chess ornament…

a bishop bite

We enjoyed the cookies with a cup of apple juice each :D

a sip of sweetness

Somehow, food is our main issue here, not too easy to find the halal ones, quite tricky to track the e list, but we can do it actually… For accommodating our needs of halal meats: beef and chicken, we found a Moroccan Butcher (yeeaay), while for our veggies and fruits supplies there is an Open Market here in Enschede twice a week, every Toesday and Saturday.

Well, there are Turkish and Iranian Stores also, beside some Chinese Markets. So, the primary spices with halal criteria are quite adequate. In other words, it is not really hard to survive while you still can find Ind*mie and halal meals around. Maybe in the next post I’ll show you that almost in every shop/market they have Indonesian corner, especially the noodles, Ind*mie, my choice (gitu tag line-nya disini mah…)

Have a nice snacks guys and have a nice long weekend >,<



ps: dear cookie, I miss you, alot <3