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Strolling in the city

Strolling in the city

Well, I think you all have known that lately I went to Netherlands and will spend a couple months here…

Yeah, this is my first experience of going abroad and lucky me (or not) I was welcomed by very late winter with minus air temperature and snowy days, in Spring, yeay!!

And here are several pictures I took in these past days of my first week…



ITC main building, it was taken from the back parking lot, where aside with a small garden and railway, credit goes to my newest pal: Nisa Adhar…


the Twilight view from my room’s balcony. I was very impressed at my first look and very grateful. A compensation for the top floor  residents who experience the staircase, since the elevator only reach the 15th floor (which ours is in 16th).


My first (again) experience of snow, what a day… *smirk… I am really  happy since the late winter allows me to dress nicely with coat, cardigan or sweaters, boots and many other winter gears… I adore boots, and very excited to wear them while just let say boots wont be a perfect couple with the  tropic climate… hahaha…


You know Hydrangeas are my favorite blooms, so when I met them in very vivid color, my heart burst with happiness :D

See you in my another story of this city and many places in Europe :D

I wish I can visit many more