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Yesterday was my cookie’s birthday, and the previous day I bought a velvet cakes from Kuki Donuts and Bakery. I know he barely can even eat the cake, yet I made some shoots. I sent him by email… hahaha…

Okay, the cake consists of three layers of Buah Naga sponge cake with cheese cream topping. Then I added red grapes as decoration since I didn’t like the lame-former-red-heart-fondant decoration. I like the cheese cream the most, soft and yummy, not too sweet with full of cheese flavor.

Here they are, the snapshots…

happy birthday boy3

happy birthday boy1

happy birthday boy2

I found this art candle in a supermarket near my campus. Well, maybe birthday boy was not really suitable for 24 years old man but I found it really kinda funny… hehehe…

ed2Look at the red juicy grapes, extremely edible-yummy decoration.

I wish him for a delightful birthday and meaningful year. Happy 24 Birthday dear…