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Hutan Lindung Dodogan

Two weeks ago, when my best fella—Iyud came to Jogja and spent couple of days in this city, we intended to make our journey to the beach. Simple task anyway, but for people with no common sense about Jogja it’s rather very absurd. That was nice Saturday morning, with nearly clear blue sky and warm weather. We supposed to visit Indrayanti Beach, one of beautiful beach in Kulon Progo, Jogjakarta. Relied on Google Map, mobile phone GPS, and anothe gps (Global Pitakon System) we started our journey that day.

I am sure, all of you have guessed what would happen next to us: lost, yeah definitely that was happen…

Off the record only, when Iyud and I go to anywhere typically we choose wrong turn, miss the right way or in other term we just lost, and that day was the worst misplaced ever. We supposed to reach Wonosary city from Jogja in at least 2 hours, but we spent almost 3 hours since we lost somewhere in Dlingo. I am not very sure how come we went there but the thing that I still remember is the route we took was absolutely very difficult. The turns were so sharp and the landform just very-very steep.

peta Mlati-baron

The route that should be taken, but unfortunately we didn’t…

We absolutely had no idea where we were that time until in a moment after many sharp turns and up and down directions, we reached a protected forest—Dodogan, according to its signage (and when we took a rest for having lunch and Dzuhur pray I took my mobile phone and search about Dodogan forest, and here it is one of the protected forest in Dlingo, Bantul Regency according to Ministry of Forestry).

We had no intention to visit a forest at first, but this lost thing drove us to a beautiful scene of Dodogan.


This is above, a view I took across the street, the first spot we stopped by since it was very stunning view, while these ones below were taken from Dodogan bridge that connects Dlingo to Playen.



And finally here she is, our tough rider. I know, she is very jjang


Well, maybe it was out of our expectation. It spent 4 hours total of our day for the departure only, yet the experience is priceless. Experience of going somewhere we’ve  never expected…

So how’s your holiday guys? I believe they are amazing.

Happy New Year by the way, see you in 2013 in the next superb travelling post.

I miss your story and keep in touch.