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Last Saturday I asked my friend to take me lunch and we went to Moshiro, a place of fusion Korean Street cuisines. We ordered bulgogi set menu, it’s called by Bulgogi Dosirak. It simply looks like a bento for me. The set includes rice (ssal), stirred sliced bulgogi (I think it’s tasted like teriyaki, no offense), veggies kimchi pancakes, a slice of frying egg roll and two bites of water melon.

Bulgogi Dosirak

A glass of refreshing mango juice, my choice that time for the beverage.

Mango Juice

We also asked for Ddokboki and Cang Pe. The last dishes are a kind of sushi with frying eggs, veggies and Korean spicy sauces. Maybe actually the dishes were just so so, yet I still enjoyed the dishes. The Cang Pe is pretty well, the spicy taste is nice but the Ddokbuki really out of my expectation. Since I’ve never eat ddokbuki before, I made some anticipations. In my expectation the sauces would be so spicy and the ddok (rice cake) would be soft and tender or chewy. Unfortunately it wasn’t… The red paste is quite sweet (yeah generally I don’t so like sweet foods) and the rice cake were too hard.

Nice window pane

Cashier side

Siwon Saranghae...

a sight of sign board..

The positive side is the nice atmosphere. The dining room is decorated by idol pictures, signatures and several Korean cute ornaments. The empty space also covered by many sign boards filled by notes, signs, and congratulatory from customers to their favorite Oppas, Unnies, groups, bands or a symbolic mark for a momentous visit… :D

so how about your weekend guys? any culinary festive??