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A December post, a rain-wet-related post…

—December is the most wet month in Indonesia, due to its monsoonal climate—

Couple weeks ago my friends and I went to the city. We intended to get some refresher treatment from a very tired week, but it was just out of our control. The plan seemed not work so well…

Uh maybe that day we failed to catch the movie since it’s totally crowded and frustrated yet I got some nice pictures. Just using my sister camera phone, through the wet window after a rain. The first one is a shoot from a glass wall in a bus shelter in Adisucipto Airport while the last one is the view outside the bus window pane…


It has been weeks here with very wet days. It is raining in the afternoon, drizzling in the night…

So how’s your day in this rainy season guys?

Oh yeah, if I totally forgot I would tell you that I really have a crush to the rain.. <3