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Bike to work, bike to school, bike to everywhere…

These past years this slogan become so popular, a modern lifestyle—environmental friendlier campaign. I’ve never imagined before that I will take a part – technically. Since my grad class began in September this year, biking is my major transportation from my boarding house to school. Well, it’s not really far actually, but walking makes me tired a lot *halaah.. Shortly my mother bought me one, a folding bike.

Why I said this is out of my imagination, for the real, real answer maybe you should ask to my undergrad friends or my parents how dreadful it will be when you combine me and the bike. Totally disaster.

My best pals jokingly said that they never want to ask me again joining them biking around campus. I do not blame them, since my riding skills are zero. One day on a Meteorology Today, my community held a fun bike festival around campus. You know what; I made the last on parade and allowed no body riding near to me at least 5 meters away. They made a fun of me –of course—than I just screamed around or suddenly pulled the breaker and took so many stops.

So today I’m very grateful, I can manage it well even it’s not easy though. Hahaha..

Let’s bike to school!!

image via GoGirl! Magazine

So how do you think guys??