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just a random post of cuteness…



how’s your week guys??

Mine absolutely wonderful.. mehehehe..

At Monday I started the week with a TOEFL test, my past score (last month) is 523 and I really, really need extra points. Tuesday there was a class by Mr. Retnadi and he said that the June-born people are players type since they are charming, friendly, and easy going –Whooootttt???– And then he obviously used me as his example.

Today, Wednesday is probably the day when most of assignments seem to have be done: image enhancement, objects identifications, vegetation index, classification and many more… — during these past three weeks, hahhaha–

Thursday is a free time but I am sure we will be in the finishing assignments mode.

aaand Friday, the end of the three weeks module, the exam day.. yeay.. should prepare then.. :)

So, how interesting is yours???

please share..