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In the early of my study, there was a week full of refresher courses. Haha.. what a name

jalan gersang

jalan gersang

In that whole week, my class which consists of 28 students with several different backgrounds got some courses in class and field, and went to Parangtritis –yeay—that’s my first time anyway.

The classes were little bit boring if you compare to the past two weeks —really exhausting weeks (ha ha..) but the field observation was a quite exciting since the all new students of Geography Faculty went to the beach (the lab only actually) for three days. I got new friends, much, got closer to the class mates and went to the beach.

aahaa.. I’ve told you that I love beach so much…

Well, before I went to Jogja in the end of August, I had gone to my hometown’s beach twice, and it much better than Parangtritis IMO, sorry no offense (I’ll post about it later)



I just wanna share some photos. When the others grouped to deliver an interview to the local farmers I was sneaking around and capturing. Hahaha… The language lack told me to do so. :p



So, have you ever gone to the Parangtritis beach??

see ya in the next journey post…