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Morning all..

It has been a half month since June started, and I write none for this fab month.. >,<  There were so many things happened in few days (it is a really fab month) and I had no chances to write it down. I was enrolled in a state university in Jogja for my master degree in Environmental Science, then My father allowed me to come home during my spare time before the class start in September. So suddenly I should arrange my movement from Bogor to Jogja and other important things in a very short time. It made me had just a little time to say goodbye to friends in Bogor, and they were so upset about it… so was I actually… T.T

I’m at home right now.

Yeah.. Everytime I come back home there are always changes (I usually come back home once in two years and this is my third time). I found that my Mom has a collection of pretty dishes: cups, plates, glasses, bowls, and it makes me wanna take some photos… :D

The rain has fell since last night. However, the heavy rain is so much look alike with the heavy pouring water in Bogor. Jayapura is none other of the city that has a local climate pattern with not only a high temperature but also high intensity of rainfall. It drives the wet air in the raining day, and a very dry atmosphere in sunny day…

I wanna show you a couple looks of my city, but unfortunately these days are not perfect times for traveling since there are so many criminal incidents related to politic issues… But I will capture a few shoots when the chances come.. :D I promise..


Since this is a rainy day, it’s little chilly and I make a cup of warm black tea…