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maybe casual look is my favorite outfit after all, just combining jeans (dominated with blue, grey or black) with blouse and wearing cardigan, jacket, or blazer and simply put scarf in the head. just one, brave to wear, pick the right color and voila..  you’ll look awesome.. these looks are some ideas you can try, or maybe you can modify and make it your own look based your own personality..

1. Blue is one color that never die, match with most colors and kind of jeans. Just put a nice-lace blouse and little skirt above the cardigans.

Something Old, Something Blue

2. Jeans and a Dress. Wear chinese traditional costum (cheongsam) in this example in pastel color, or maybe if you want to try something new, just wear red or orange one, and use jeans jacket also a scarf for finishing.. :D

Dress Combining

3.  The pastel one. The most favorable and easy to wear anykind of occasion.

Casual Look

Here There is one of My own common daily look:

in Orange

in Orange chiffon blouse, and Maroon Cardigans with Grey Shoes and Jeans


*ps: Looks above I made months ago in Looklet.com, maybe you can try some before you buy that items, cool web for a fashion experiment-